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How to Make DIY Lined Envelopes

How to Make DIY Lined Envelopes

DIY Lined Envelopes Pink Blush Watercolor Floral, Artful Life Designs

This tutorial will show you how easy it is to make DIY lined envelopes to add a special touch to your invitations. Artful Life Designs offers a variety of printables such as signs, invitations and other wedding or special event stationery.

Today we're using one of our envelope liner printables to show you step-by-step how to create beautifully lined envelopes.

Each Artful Life envelope liner printable includes liners for several envelope sizes: A7.5-Euro Flap, A7-Euro and Square Flaps, A2-Euro and Square Flaps, and A1-Euro and Square Flaps.

We also include a bonus full sheet you can use for making your own templates if you have an unusual shape or size envelope.

DIY Envelope Liners Materials Needed


  • Envelope Liner PDF Printable
  • Paper (20 lb. copier paper weight)
  • Cutting mat
  • Metal Ruler
  • X-acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue tape/dispenser (glue stick or double sided tape will also work)
  • Envelopes

Artful Life Designs Floral A7 Envelope Liners

Artful Life Designs Floral A7 Envelope Liners Euro Flap and Square Flap

Step 1 Print your liners using the Artful Life Designs printable PDF of your choice to match your size and style envelopes.

Trim Artful Life envelope liners

Step 2 Cut with X-actor and ruler. Then trim curved edge with scissors.

Insert Artful Life envelope liner into envelope

Step 3 Insert liner into envelope aligning top edge of liner to the glue edge on the envelope flap. (You don't want the liner to cover the glue.)

Fold envelope flap and liner

Step 4 Carefully fold the envelope flap down, keeping the liner in place as you fold.

Fold envelope flap up leaving liner folded down

Step 5 Lift the flap up, but keep the liner folded down.

Put adhesive strip on edge of envelope liner

Step 6 Using the adhesive tape dispenser to put a strip of adhesive along the top edge of the liner.

Tip: I highly recommend a glue tape dispenser if you have a lot of envelopes to do. I used the Glue Glider Pro that I purchased at my local craft shop. The strip of adhesive is about 1/4" wide which works very well when doing envelope liners.

Step 7 Make sure the liner is still in the correct position and carefully fold the envelope flap closed, pressing it firmly onto the liner.

 Open A7 Envelope with Floral Liner

Open the flap to see your lovely envelope liner perfectly in place! Now you're ready to stuff, seal, stamp and mail!

DIY lined envelopes

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