How To Edit A PDF Template With Adobe Reader

How To Edit A PDF Template With Adobe Reader

Some Artful Life printables are editable in Adobe Reader. It's easy to use Adobe Reader (aka Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat Reader) to edit.


Editable PDF templates must be opened and edited in Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop computer (PC or MAC). You can’t use another program, a tablet or mobile device. If you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for FREE HERE. Once you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you're ready to edit your PDF template.


Open your template in Adobe Reader. You can do this either of these ways: Open Adobe Reader and go to File > Open OR Right-click the file and select Open With > Adobe Reader.

How to Edit a PDF Template Open with Adobe Reader

TIP: Adobe Reader may not be the default PDF preview program on your computer. Opening your template in one of the above ways ensures you are using Adobe Reader. Editing & printing will not work correctly using another program. When printing at a copy shop, confirm with the printer that they are using Adobe Reader to view and print your PDF file.


Highlighted text is editable. Other text or graphics can’t be moved or edited. Click in one of the highlighted text boxes to select the sample text. Type to replace with your own text.

How To Edit A PDF Template Form Field Text Properties

To edit text font, color, style or size: Highlight text, then press CTRL + E (PC) or COMMAND + E (MAC). This will bring up the Form Field Text Properties box. There you can change the text font, color, style and alignment.

If you need to edit line spacing (for text boxes with multiple lines), you can do this by opening the Paragraph Properties box.

How To Edit a PDF Template Go to More in Text Properties Box

Once you have the Form Field Text Properties box open, click More > Paragraph > Line Spacing.

How To Edit a PDF Template Line Spacing Properties Box

Select Exactly and At: Points. You may have to experiment with different numbers to get the spacing you desire. This option is especially helpful when editing templates with multiple lines such as menus or programs.

How To Edit PDF Template Line Space Adjust Exactly At Points


Once you have your template edited, you need to save your file to keep those changes you just made. Use FILE > SAVE AS with a new file name, so you have the original in case you need it. Your original file is also available in your account if you need to download it again.

Now you’re ready to print your customized template! Be sure to read our How To Print and Paper Selection tutorials for tips! If you have other questions, stop by our FAQ page or Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help!

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